MG Demolition,
experts in demolition works worldwide

At MG Demolition, we are experts in demolition works worldwide, working on anything from demolition, salvage, and dismantling to clean-up operations. We operate both onshore (industrial) and offshore (maritime). Forty years ago, our work became the basis of the MG Consortium, which we are still part of and whose reputation and proven expertise we proudly share.

We are professionals, innovators, and go-getters.

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MG Demolition in a nutshell

  • Experienced partner
  • Swift and decisive action
  • Highest QHSE standards
  • Agile, flexible structure – close, committed teams
  • Strong, long-term partnerships
  • Solid equity, robust profit margins
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A company with a pedigree

The family business De Paepe is at the base of today’s MG. De Paepe made a name for itself in earthworks, railroad works, dredging works, demolition and decontamination operations, as well as brownfields. MG has continued to develop, expand and improve on those early activities. Today, we do so under the umbrella of MG Demolition.

Furthermore, under Ignace De Paepe’s leadership, MG also established MG Real Estate, European high-speed developer for logistics, office, retail, and residential projects.

The MG Demolition story


Ignace De Paepe was in his early twenties when his father passed away in 1985, and he continued the family business. He was immediately given the responsibility for a unique project: the demolition of the Ghent Texaco refinery with 250 hectares of contaminated soil. It was an unprecedented challenge for Belgium. And so was the way the project was handled. That project put this company on the map.


The Big Bear, the world’s largest demolition shears, are still at MG’s headquarters today. They are reminiscent of the Petrogal refinery in Lisbon, the Antwerp BASF site, the Total refinery in Leuna, Germany, the coal basins in Beringen, the Langerbrugge power plant in the Port of Ghent, and more. And most of all, they witnessed how the scale of our demolitions kept increasing, exceeding the usual sizes each time. When 30-tonne machines were standard, we switched to 50 to 85 tonnes. Thanks to recent innovation, MG Demolition has taken another leap forward.

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